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The Yorkshire Wolds

I have the great privilege to live 20-30 minutes away from the Yorkshire Wolds. I got to know the area after being introduced by friend and local photographer Paul Moon in 2008. It is an area of chalk upland that stretches from the Humber Bridge in Hull over to Pocklington and back across to the coast at Filey and Flamborough. Paul and I still regularly meet on Sunday mornings to photograph together. Over that time I have got to know the area very well including walking the Wolds Way in 2021 during a sabbatical from work.   


The Lake District

The Lake District is a place that I have been passionate about for many years. For 15 years before I took up photography seriously I walked what feels like every square inch of Wainwright's footpaths and tops, very often taking my father with me and usually escaping at short notice in the gaps between my consulting projects. Around 2011 I started to get my head around what photographing a place I knew so well might mean but it has taken until I finally made the transition to digital cameras to have the tools and skills to start realising that vision. Continuing to visit several times a year, I hope it will be a steadily growing portfolio of work.  


Further afield

This portfolio contains standalone images from a number of places that I have visited over the years. Including Wales, Northumberland and Iceland. 

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Living in York but working in London has not always been the easiest of choices but it has its consolations - I live in the centre of what is commonly called 'God's Country' by locals. I have learned to see the places I grew up with through new eyes. I firmly believe images that truly reveal the depth of a place require time, exploration, repetition and ultimately developing a 'relationship' with the landscape.  This portfolio includes images from repeated visits to the North Yorkshire Moors, the East Coast, the Yorkshire Dales and increasingly with growing delight my very own Vale of York. This portfolio is a selection of some of those images that celebrate Yorkshire.



Scotland is synonymous in my mind with winter. Ever since 2005 I have spent at least a week every year, usually in January or February with friends photographing the amazing landscape. I have got to know several areas extremely well - especially Glencoe and Torridon.  I have always felt relaxed here and felt able to create. Scotland has taught me far more things about my photography than I have taken out as images mostly from the time spent out in the field working images with friends and discussing photography. Above all it is those experiences and the 'après photography' in the evenings that I cherish and this portfolio is a celebration of those days gone and a promise of days to come.

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