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  • Jon Brock

This January’s Torridon trip published in On Landscape magazine

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

My photographic trip to Scotland this year with David Tolcher, Guy Aubertin and Joe Cornish was written up by Dave and published in On Landscape Magazine here. Most enjoyable and I will post a summary of the trip here soon once I have fully selected and processed my images. Wonderful to spend such an intensive period of photography with such good friends.

Looking back, many of the images are exploratory. I was still discovering making images with my digital technical camera. The trip is memorable for one thing however - the post photography conversation. Seeing Joe's stunning prints expanded my mind about what was possible with processing and printing images and I finally realised I was missing a huge element to my craft. The trip became a huge turning point in my approach.

Some of the images with my provisional (sometimes heavy and inept) processing.


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