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In 2012 I decided to embark on learning black and white photography. Not only did that require a dramatic transformation in how I visualised images, it required learning a whole new set of techniques in the dark room. Armed with Ansel Adam's 'The Negative' and access to several amazing forums on the internet I started making home developed black and white pictures on film. This portfolio contains a selection of images from the period 2012 to 2016 when apart from Mulgrave I worked almost exclusively with large format (5x4 and 10x8) and medium format (6x7) black and white film.



In March 2020 the threat from Covid forced the UK into a national lockdown. Like everybody else I was limited to leaving the house locally for an hour a day for 'exercise'. I started daily walking on my local footpaths and got to know my local area really well. Finally it occurred to me to take a camera out with me so started taking my scouting camera (Sony A7RII/IV) and 24-105mm lens and made pictures as I walked. The images in this project were all handheld (unusual for me) and made during the two lockdowns 2020 and 2021.  


Hull City of Culture

Hull, my home town, was name City of Culture for the year 2017. With that in mind in 2014 I started photographing aspects of Hull making some images on film focusing on the older aspects of the city. In 2017 I started the painful and difficult transition to digital photography and this became one of the first avenues of exploration with repeated visits to Hull to explore the old town and the docks. This portfolio (I hesitate to call it a project as it is still unfinished) contains a selection of images from that time (2016-18). 

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