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Jon Brock

Welcome to my website. I hope that you enjoy my images. As well as holding down a busy job, I am a landscape photographer in my spare time. I am based in Yorkshire, England. 

I have an absolute passion for making images in the landscape which I hope I convey through my galleries. Please feel free to contact me. Thank you for visiting.

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    My Practice

    My photography practice has evolved over more than thirty years from 35mm film, through a long period using exclusively large format cameras and sheet film and finally transitioning to digital cameras. 

    In terms of vision, there are two distinct sides to my work - the representational and the abstract - and I enjoy both.  My representational work typically revolves around documenting 'places' I have come to know and love including the Yorkshire Wolds, The Lake District and Scotland. My non representational work explores more 'abstract' ideas such as distilling aspects of the landscape I find interesting or making fully abstracted work where the subject is not really the object being photographed. 

    I look for original images in the landscape that have what I describe as 'dynamic balance' - compositional, tonal and colour balance combined with an inherent energy. The best of these can have a hypnotic quality, causing the eye to dance around the frame.     

    In terms of my craft there is a similar balance, this time between the 'Yin' and the 'Yang'.  A lot of my session work is still made slowly and deliberately using a heavy technical camera with movements on a solid tripod - the 'Yin' approach. For this work I use a digital back (IQ4 150) with a  Cambo Actus technical camera (MV or DB) with a range of Rodenstock technical camera lenses. Here I am typically anticipating conditions and working in a very thoughtful way.  Most of my abstract work and a lot of the work in my 'places' gallery is made this way. In other sessions, I am operating in more of a 'Yang' mode - reacting to changing conditions, being dynamic and more agile. On these occasions I use the a GFX 100 II handheld or with a very lightweight tripod. 

    I continue to strive for balance between my work and my artistic side, over the last couple of years dedicating 2 or 3 months of the year to personal photography. I hope you enjoy my website.    

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    I have a limited amount of time available for tuition, talks and commissions. Please contact me if interested.  

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