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  • Jon Brock

Buttermere trip

I'm back from a fabulous week in Buttermere. For once we had excellent photography conditions with a mix of showery weather, good light and reducing winds during the week.

I made a number of images during the week that I am pleased with but three stick out this close to the trip.

Firstly this image of the ferns in a wood near Buttermere that I have visited nearly every year for the last 5 years. There is something about repetition and familiarity when you want to create. This time I visited with David Tolcher and we had a perfect 'large format' style technical camera session - me with my Cambo Actus and he with his Arca. One major highlight was seeing a heron fishing in the stream that was so intent on its pray that Dave was able to photograph it with an Arca! A few minutes later I found this fern and the idea for the image took shape.

The second was this image of one of the many quarries in Borrowdale. David and I were joined by Guy Aubertin for the last day (and evening). We had wonderful details conditions - wet but still - and I setup this lovely tree against the quarry wall.

Finally on Thursday my father and I were joined by my brother for his first trip to the Lakes in quite a few years. All three of us walked around part of the lake with me carrying my technical camera gear to slow me down! The raking side light was lovely and I setup several compositions in the larch trees - this one being my favourite.


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